Word Competition : Smoking

Good morning the judges.. good morning teachers and friends..

First of all let me introduce myself to you. My name is rino Uly. I’m from Sabu but I live in Kupang. Today I want to tell you a little bit about Smoking. Espesifically I want to talk about how smoking can shorten your life.

First, i will start it by comparing the fact between USA and Indonesia.

  1. 1.       Regulation

We can see from the constitution in the USA and Indonesia. The USA government doesn’t allow teenagers to smoke by forbidding the selling of ciggarates to children and teenagers. They use the limit of age. Smoking is allowed to those who are 18 years old or above  and it is proved by showing their IDcard. But in Indoenesia the government just warns the people by writing the bad impact of smoking on the back of ciggarate pack or people are not allowed to smoke in several places. There’s no limitation in age so the children can still smoke.

  1. 2.       Permission

The American government make it hard for a store to get legal permission to sell cigarate. The seller who recives the legal permission can only sell cigerattes to people over 18 years old. In Indonesia, anyone can sell cigeratte without having legal permission. The seller can sell to anyone including children or people under 18 years old so they can make a profit. The most pathetic fact is that, the students can smoke. They do not realized that the bad impact of smoking can destroy their future and the next generation . The bad thing is the goverment doesn’t give the straight regulation to the students who smok. They just give the socialization rather than giving fine to the people or students who break the rules.

Let we see the video about a the habit of smoking in indoneasia specially  in a child

My opinion to the smoking student in Indonesia is : “we should show the world that we can teach good things, never letting the world control us. The bad thing is student always think that smoking can make someone become popular. But the truth is smoking doesn’t make someone popular. It just kills you slowly, step by step.  So, the only thing we can do is start doing  positive things such as joining school extracuriculer activities at school, making a study group, and warn and give advice to the smokers. That’s all. Thank you!”

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